The Fish Carburetor Book

Fish Carburetor Book

In the Fish Carburetor Book you will Learn all about the Fish Carburetor with only three moving parts. From 1947 to 1959 the Fish Carburetor Co. of Daytona Beach, FL manufactured over 125,000 high-mileage carburetors. The Fish carburetor averaged 20 percent better gas mileage and 30% more horsepower. The Fish carburetor would also run on a variety of fuels with no internal modifications, from farmers’ alcohol to paint thinner and parts cleaner. The Brown Carburetor Company of Draper, Utah manufactured almost 10,000 new Fish-design carburetors from 1981 to 1996. This book was their manual. The last chapter contains, among other information, how to get a 50% increase in power and mileage with a piston and camshaft arrangement.

Table of Contents
I. How I Invented a New Carburetor
II. How Good is the Fish Carburetor
III. The 100 MPG Carburetor Myth
IV. Fish Carburetor Installation Instructions
   – Manifold and Ported Vacuum Lines
   -Adaptor Plate Installation
   – Manifold Vacuum Line Hookup
   – Mounting Carburetor on Adapter Plate
   – Fuel Line Hookup
   – Hooking up Enrichment Lever
   – Heat Stove
   – Parts Needed to Install Carburetor
V. Adjusting the Fish Carburetor
   – Throttle Plate Angle
   – High Speed Adjustment
   – Idle Air Bleed
   – Idle Speed Adjustment
   – Tools Needed for Adjusting Fish Carburetor
   – Procedure for Adjusting Fish Carburetor
   – Throttle Plate Angle Adjustment
   – High Speed Adjustment
   – Air Bleed & Idle Speed Adjustment
VI. Carburetor Icing and Heat Stove Operation
   – GM Heat Stove System
   – Components
   – Operation
VII. Fuels
   – Electric Fuel Pumps
VIII. Emissions Equipment
IX. Computer Carburetion
X. Ignition Considerations
   – Breaker Points
   – Condenser
   – Rotor Gap
   – Light Miss
   – Defective Primary Wire
   – Weak Coil Output
   – External Coil Resistor
   – Ignition Secondary Wire
   – Ignition Switch
   – Advance Mechanisms
   – Vacuum Problems
   – Ailments Related to a Worn Timing Chain
   – Other Mechanical Consideration
   – Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PVC) System
   – Thermactor System (Air Pump)
   – Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) System
XI. Testimonials


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