home scale steam dvd

Home Scale Steam DVD

The Home Scale Steam DVD is a one-hour video with steam basics and how to lay out a complete home steam plant. You must recirculate the water you use for steam or you will waste both water and energy.


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Building a Prototype Boiler DVD

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Home Scale Steam DVD
Building a Prototype Boiler DVD

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Skip Goebel filmed the videos in the 1990s when he partnered with Mike Brown to manufacture steam engines. For more information on steam, read Skip Goebel’s article in Backwoods Homes, Is steam power in your future?  Read a short excerpt near the beginning of the article:

This article is an attempt to answer some of the many questions people have about steam. And I guess the first question is: can it save the world, at least as far as your personal energy needs are concerned? That depends.

For the initial investment in this most labor intensive form of home power, you could probably buy a diesel generator and 5-10 thousand gallons of fuel with no significant changes in your lifestyle. If you plan to burn wood, you should know that it is a very established science to gasify wood and burn it in an internal combustion engine. This may be a more practical application for you.

If you have a need for large quantities of controllable heat, say to heat a large home, chicken house, or even a kiln, steam plants excel in that the waste heat (exhaust) of a steam engine will give you excessive amounts of BTUs to play with.

For more read Skip’s full article, Is steam power in your future?